The magic of breathing

Breathing is the symbol of life; it is the beginning of all being. 

The secret of correct breathing is to breathe consciously and purposefully into the belly.  This reduces stress, helps to cope with emotions and increases concentration. Let's get started today.

Improve corporate quality of life in just 2.5 hours!

Psychosocial risk prevention

Sophrology can be, among other things, an approach to preventing psychosocial risks (stress, violence at work: bullying and sexual harassment, burnout, addiction, etc.), which can also reduce absenteeism. At the same time, offering regular classes is a convincing argument when recruiting new employees.

By being taught actual breathing methods and strategies, employees and managers can learn to deal with stress and emotions in a more balanced way, significantly increase their ability to concentrate and approach changes and/or restructuring in the company in a more relaxed way. 

The 2.5 hour training contains

* a brief introduction to sophrology
* the "healthy benefits" of stress
* learning healthy breathing

simple physical exercises to :
* calm down on a physical, mental and emotional level
* reduce stress
* let go of unpleasant feelings 
* increase one's concentration level
* relax through 10 minutes of visualisation
* set a positive anchor to motivate oneself immediately


"The magic of breathing" group training

Training "The Magic of Breathing" is designed for 4 - 20 people.

This training is designed to achieve a balance between theory and practice.
As a result, participants can put their new skills directly into practice.
Duration and content can be adapted according to operational needs.