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My name is Kirsten van Gelder and I am a sophrologist and certified in Ericksonian hypnosis.

Since childhood, I have been hypersensitive myself. With the help of hypnosis, sophrology and other techniques, I have learned to understand myself better and, above all, to deal better with my sometimes exuberant emotions.

This is why I created “La voie du mieux-être” (The path to greater well-being), your center for sophrology and hypnosis in Aigues-Mortes and in St. Laurent d’Aigouze. I am also available via videoconference in Germany and Switzerland. I would like to pass on these tools to children, adolescents, and adults, so that ultimately everyone finds the keys that enable them to live better, to construct themselves better and to face any difficulties with more serenity.

I am German by birth, and I will accompany you in German, French and English.

I look forward to meeting you and accompanying you on your “path to greater well-being”.


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Accompanying children and adolescents means giving them all the keys to make them serene and fulfilled adults of tomorrow.

These are the reasons that motivate me to accompany children, teenagers and their parents!

Children have the incredible ability to approach and solve their challenges in a natural and completely indirect way. This happens mainly through imagination and play. Children project themselves into their own fantasy world as a matter of course, in a playful way. My body-psychological approach (a mixture of hypnosis and sophrology) enables them to move forward at their own pace and find solutions to their changes in just a few sessions. This way they can regain their autonomy and be proud of themselves.

In order for a family to find peace and serenity again, I provide children and parents with tools to
– get to know themselves better
– to construct themselves better
– to better deal with the difficulties they encounter

These are core elements that will serve young and old throughout their lives. My methods are focused on play as well as the world of imagination and are suitable for children from the age of 6.

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I will meet you in one of my offices in the South of France or by video conference anywhere in the world.

All these places are dedicated to the encounter with oneself, in a favorable environment where one listens and is not judged. They are welcoming places, either surrounded by vineyards or in the city or wherever you happen to be.

Video conferencing can also create this intimacy. Take a seat in a quiet place where you feel comfortable and safe. Perhaps you would like to use a headset?
This way of working at a distance showed its efficiency especially during the Corona pandemic and since then I wouldn’t want to miss it.

Here is the feedback of a Swiss client (you can find it on google) whom I met exclusively via “teams”: 

For me a 3 month trip to the USA & Canada was coming up in autumn and I was insanely afraid of the flights. Thanks to Kirsten I was able to reduce this fear to a minimum and I had 3 great months without fear on the plane. All the appointments were online and that worked out great. I highly recommend Kirsten!


During our session we will talk about the challenges you or your child are facing in order to find the necessary resources that lie dormant in you and your child. I will use all my tools, as your concern is my concern.
Whether it is hypnotic trance, deep breathing, relaxation or trauma work with the help of Ritmo®: I adapt to your needs and difficulties.
It is a joint construction towards your well-being.
Each appointment ends with an exchange about the experience made during the session and your impressions.


Making an appointment for yourself or for your child is perhaps the most important step. Be proud of yourself, for a first transformation has already begun.


Every session is an opportunity. Let's give our children and ourselves the tools to grow and be happy. We will meet for a session approximately every two weeks.


At regular intervals we take stock of the path we have traveled so that you can become aware of your own development or that of your child.

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