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Like you, I am an adventurer of life, searching for paths not yet taken, new or forgotten.
It is this search to meet my true self that has led me to be who I am today and at this time. And if there is one thing I have come to understand on my personal journey, it is that nothing ever stays the same and that everything is constantly changing.

The search for this stable instability runs through my entire life.
After spending my childhood in Germany, I now live in the beautiful Camargue. Between these two countries, Germany and France, I took a long break in Switzerland. Long journeys to all corners of the world have enabled me to broaden my horizons.

After the unexpected death of my father, I asked myself many existential questions and a change in my life seemed inevitable. He often said: “If I could go back to a career today, I would do something completely different, because my interests and values have changed radically in recent years.” Anecdote: My father was an accountant for over 40 years, but he would have preferred to be a gardener.

In 2018, I decided to make a radical move and embark on a career change. To live a life that is in alignment with me and my values!


Give yourself a precious gift: a genuine encounter with yourself. This takes place in a benevolent and appropriate setting where you listen to who you are and what you are going through to find answers to questions asked and perhaps even to those that were previously unknown to you. A space outside the time of everyday life that allows you to make new connections or disconnect from those you no longer need. And always respecting your person and your goals.


My trainings are based on courses given by highly qualified trainers in professional, demanding and benevolent training centers in Montpellier, Avignon and Paris.

In Montpellier, at Génération formation, I received certified training as a Master Practitioner in Ericksonian Hypnosis, as an NLP Master and as an EFT Practitioner.

In Avignon I completed my training in Sophrology. For this I attended Catherine Aliotta’s Institut de formation à la sophrologie.

Finally, and to add another powerful tool, I met Lili Ruggieri, the founder of the Ritmo® method, which is derived from EMDR.

I will put all my knowledge at your disposal to help you achieve your goals, better deal with difficult situations or prepare for specific events.


As I wanted to deepen my knowledge, I took specializations such as Hypnosis & Child and Hypnosis & Pain Management with Carole Chat, a nurse specializing in pain management, hypnologist and NLP practitioner.

I added to this knowledge with Delphine Germaine, a midwife and hypnologist, specializing in Hypnosis & Pregnancy.
My curiosity has also led me to Evelyne Josse, clinical psychologist, hypnologist, EMDR, to further my knowledge in hypnosis & trauma and hypnosis & cancer.


As I am always looking for new approaches to deepen my knowledge and improve my accompaniment, I am currently taking part in the following training courses:

  • Specialization in the accompaniment of children and parents, Kiddy Mind® by Isabelle Ablain.
  • Psychopathology, ARCHE, with Alain Héril, Avignon
    Neuroscience, ARCHE, Avignon

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