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Don’t be a spectator but an actor of your life and don’t hesitate to call me, to send me a text message with your details or simply to contact me via the form below.

In my mind, coaching should be accessible to all, which is why I offer free sessions every Wednesday morning at the Pôle Constance for all those who are going through a difficult situation. I look forward to hearing from you.

child consultation

45 - 60 min

45 €

adult consultation

60 - 75 min


free consultation

60 - 75 min

Free participation

Are you a company?

You wish to offer relaxation sessions through Sophrology? Offer one or more workshops on stress prevention at work or communication to your employees?

I intervene directly in your premises to animate collective sessions of relaxation and trainings with your teams, everywhere in France, Switzerland and Germany.

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A therapy session is not a medical procedure, and under no circumstances does it replace a doctor’s visit or treatment. It does not treat the symptoms but allows you to work on what else is going on (for example, pain management). The methods used do not allow medical diagnoses or prescriptions to be established.

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