From my office "La voie de mieux-être", I offer you support via Zoom in Germany and Switzerland. 

Every one of us encounters obstacles, doubts and difficulties at some point in our lives. Thoughts turn in circles and no solution is in sight at first. At this point I come into the picture.
A session can be helpful here!
Together we will bring light into the shadows and explore new landscapes and paths that will open up in your life.

Listening and understanding, that's what I'm here for

My first concern at our meeting is YOU, and right after that comes our relationship. Trust is built through active listening and honest understanding. This allows us to shape the sessions together in your best interest. The process of change will then take its natural course peacefully, safely and with trust.

15-minute initial consultation free of charge

I offer you a 15-minute free initial consultation. We meet in a virtual room via zoom. During this meeting I will explain my way of working, my methods and I am curious about the challenges you are currently facing. Of course we also talk about your goal ... In short, we get to know each other. Do you have any questions about my coaching? Now is the time to ask them. Afterwards you are free to schedule another appointment or not.

By the way, the sessions via Zoom are surprisingly good and personal!  They have proven their effectiveness and efficiency during recent logdowns and curfews.  

How does a session work? 

  • During the session, we discuss your issues and together we set a first goal that you want to achieve.
  • We then initiate a work phase. Through a hypnotic process, through NLP dialogue or through sophrology, guided only by my voice, you will stimulate your conscious and subconscious mind to find new ways of acting, to release new resources, to dissolve negative beliefs. 
  • Each session ends by sharing how the session went and how you felt. 
  • Subsequent sessions will follow the same pattern as above. And I am already curious about the positive changes you will notice between the sessions. 

Kirsten van Gelder - La voie du mieux-être

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