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Consciousness, subconsciousness and emotions are your unbeatable weapons - for the change you want!  

Human beings are at the centre of what I do,
that's what I offer you. 


- Hypnosis, your inner library -
Hypnosis via Zoom anywhere in the world

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The power of hypnosis

 When I talk about hypnosis and its power, I often use the metaphor of the inner library.
I am here to take you right into that library. To your library. Where your memories, your abilities, your resources, your inner child lives. You then are the one who reorganises the inner library, closes books and starts new ones, maybe restores others...
 I am convinced that every human being has all the necessary resources to create the desired changes. The altered state of consciousness that characterises a hypnotic state is a natural process induced by sensory focusing.

 With hypnosis you can
● find and strengthen resources
● strengthen your inner child
● redesign negative beliefs
● fall out of your limiting frameworks
● change behaviours

Of course, hypnosis also has its limits!

Thus we will also work on your "resistances" to " re-learning" (change), on the ecology of change and on the question of what influence the desired change has on your personal and professional environment.

In hypnosis you will create a dialogue between your conscious and your subconscious mind to thereby (re)find the resources you need, strengthen your inner child or face your negative beliefs - there are so many possibilities....  Hypnosis is therefore chosen when we are not able to consciously and willingly achieve the desired changes.

During a session you are not under the influence of the hypnotist, no one can force you to do anything against your will. That is reassuring, isn't it?

The altered state of consciousness that characterises a hypnotic state is a natural process brought about by sensory focusing. Every person is therefore capable of voluntarily and spontaneously experiencing this state that is sought during the session. 

But how exactly does it work?

Hypnosis opens the access to your resource reservoir, the subconscious!
Behaviours and beliefs limit our range of action and prevent us from creating new thought patterns. Hypnosis opens up new perspectives, reveals previously invisible pathways and stimulates new ways of solving problems. Hypnosis helps to create access to the body, and that solely through communication. 

Or simply put: you create movement in your subjective view of your world and thus enable yourself to break out of your framework, your beliefs, your habits, your automated reactions and your behaviour patterns... 

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)

- NLP, operating manual for our brain - 
Hypnosis via Zoom anywhere in the world

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Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is a method of personal development based on communication with oneself and others in combination with a better understanding of our values, beliefs, conscious and unconscious behaviour patterns, etc. 
 in short: ourselves. 

The desired change is defined primarily by the how rather than the why. It is a goal-oriented approach that is also often used in coaching. 

3 important levels of a human being

● Structure of thinking (inner process)
● Emotions (inner states)
● Behaviours (actions)
NLP is an observer of the whole person and can therefore be defined as a philosophy of life.  It combines linguistics, psychology and neuroscience in an outstanding way and at the same time opens a door to a new perception of our environment.

Here are some NLP assumptions 

"The map is not the territory".
"It is not possible not to communicate".
"Every person has all the resources they need to bring about the changes they want".
"Every behaviour is created by a positive intention".
"At any given moment, a person is making the best choice they can."
"There are no mistakes, only learning opportunities".


- Science of the harmonious mind -
Hypnosis via Zoom anywhere in the world

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Sophrology is a body-oriented method that aims to improve your everyday life and thus your quality of life. It is not just about relaxation!  By connecting with your own body and its current feelings experienced in the moment, a lasting improvement can be achieved.

Two different types of exercises are used for this purpose:

Dynamic relaxation
Through gentle body movements in combination with conscious, controlled breathing and the tensing and relaxing of body and mind, you re-appropriate your body and experience how you really feel. It's about building the foundation for the next exercise.
Specific Techniques (Sophronisation)
These techniques are specific to your goal and aim, through positive visualisation, to free you from tension, to strengthen or rediscover your abilities, to prepare for a specific situation (exam, job interview...), to reduce the intensity of your emotions. 


- Retraitement de l’Information Traumatique par les Mouvements Oculaires -
Hypnosis via Zoom anywhere in the world

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It is a technique related to EMDR, combining hypnosis and EMDR. RITMO® is used for simple traumas such as: Bereavement, accident, one-time aggression etc.....
It is also used to release emotional blocks, regulate compulsive behaviour and overcome anxiety.

To overcome the traumatic event, the practitioner uses visual, auditory and/or physical stimulation to allow the brain to 'process' the memory. 

I was trained by the founder Lili Ruggieri of the RITMO® method and can be used as a method on its own or in conjunction with hypnosis or NLP.

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