The art of
healthy  communication

Did you learn at school or during your studies how to communicate "in a good and healthy way"? Have you not?

Your employees certainly haven't either! 

We cannot not communicate!

Whether we want it or not, communication is always present, even if we say nothing. 
So I like to repeat: we cannot not communicate!

Therefore, it is time to pay more attention to the different levels of communication. Improving communication in the professional (and private) sphere to better understand the needs of your employees and customers has amazingly positive effects. 

Training day content

This training day on "The Art of Healthy Communication" covers the following topics:

What is communication? 
* Theory - the different levels of communication
* The perception of things - are we all on the same frequency? 
* The cognitive biases
* Beliefs and values - we need to talk about them

Communicating to your advantage
* Learn to communicate with your five senses
* Understand and analyse the communication channels of our counterpart
* How do you perceive the world? 
* Learn to ask relevant questions to understand better (and sell better)
* What position to take towards your conversation partner and when
* Take the lead in a conversation
* Keep your authenticity in mind

It all starts with yourself
* Body and thoughts - a constant communication
* Change the way you communicate with yourself to be more at ease
* The importance of goals and experiencing them with your five senses
* Set big goals: feel -> live = realise goals successfully

"The Art of Healthy Communication" group training 

Training "The Art of Healthy Communication" is designed for 4 up to 20 people.

This training is designed to strike a balance between theory and practice.
As a result, participants can put their new skills directly into practice.
Duration and content can be adapted accordingly to operational needs.