Adding value through
employee commitment

By investing in your most valuable asset: 
the people! 

How can hypnosis, NLP & Co. contribute to this? 
Find out! 

New challenges for companies

The day-to-day challenges facing companies in terms of employee management, recruitment and maintenance are becoming increasingly complex. In addition to high professional competences, the areas of social and personal competences form essential foundations for managers and directors.

Required social and personal competences :
 ● the intelligent conduct of managerial conversations
● the respectful interaction with employees 
● dealing effectively and authentically with customers
● managing the emotions of oneself and others
● professional and personal stress resistance

Reduce staff absence and turnover

To reduce staff absence and turnover, the acquisition of skills in dealing with emotions and stress has become essential. The ability to communicate properly and understand others is not only valued by your employees, but is also important for customer contact and sales. 

Using targeted techniques to motivate employees

The combination of targeted communication (NLP) and simple body relaxation exercises (sophrology) helps to reduce stress, channel emotions and increase concentration. Various discussion and questioning strategies help to motivate oneself, to think more consciously and furthermore to analyse the needs and wishes of future clients. 

20 years of professional experience

Thanks to my 20 years of professional experience in the upscale hotel industry, I know your daily challenges!
Demanding customers, personnel management, pressure from superiors, endless days ... - I know exactly what you are talking about!

How to contact me

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I am also available for coaching at weekends. 

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