Greetings, I am Kirsten,
your personal coach of transition

 - Be a personal coach of transition - more a vocation than a profession. -

After Germany, the French Camargue...

After spending my childhood in Germany, I now live in the beautiful Camargue.
In 2013, I decided to settle permanently in the South. I can't get enough of this gorgeous region, a magical place between sea and countryside, flamingos and bulls. I speak several languages and can therefore accompany you in Englich, French and German.

A first professional life in the hotel industry

A first professional life in the hotel industry has allowed me to work for many years in different countries, with different customs and cultures. These positions have allowed me to develop an excellent ability to listen. Listening to customers, listening to my superiors, listening to employees, listening to colleagues. I then questioned my own behaviours, my habits, and my limiting and supporting beliefs. Finally, personal and professional development has become my daily companion for several years.

Change of profession :
accompanying your change 

So why did you change your profession to become a coach? 
Following the unexpected death of my father, I asked myself many existential questions and a change of life-direction seemed inevitable. A phrase he frequently used kept coming back to me: "If I could resume a professional career today, I would do something completely different, because my interests and values have changed fundamentally in recent years."
As an anecdote: My father was an accountant for over 40 years, but he would have liked to be a gardener. All this gave me the impulse to reflection and awareness, a sudden urge to live the life to the fullest. So I set up a professional reconversion for a change that better suits me.

 To accompany you along the path of change:
"The path to greater well-being"

To accompany you along the path of change, I have created the cabinet :
"La voie du mieux-être" in Sout of France.
Situated amidst vineyards, I receive by appointment and am of course available by zoom. Let yourself be surprised how effective these virtual sessions can be, they have taken on an important significance during the past logdowns.  

Opening hours

Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 19:00.
On Saturdays I am happy to receive you on request.